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Our Philosophy

"If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you will feed him for his life lime. We provide a hand up rather than a hand out".





Our first objective

To bequeath to successive generations an acute sense of appreciation for, and knowledge of how to sustain and preserve, their environment for future generations to use and enjoy.


Our second objective

To do our utmost in raising the standards of living conditions for today’s generation through education, business guidance and vocational training input.


Our programmes divide into two categories. There are those that serve:


1. The Maasai Community, and those that serve

2. The Meru Community

The Maasai Community

These are a Maa speaking Nilo-Hamitic group who have in large part retained their traditional culture. They are purely pastoralists inhabiting the northern part of Tanzania. They are a spectacular group of tall slender people living off milk, blood (especially where water is scarce), and meat. Few Maasai receive the education that we believe is vital to equip them to master their environment in a way that will sustain themselves for the years to come. We therefore warmly welcome you to join hands with us in assisting this work for their community.

  • Tree planting projects

    The greater part of Maasai Land is now so dry that some areas are fast becoming semi-desert. For some families with young children who lack even a little tree shade in their homesteads, life can be very uncomfortable. We aim to work towards planting trees at different homes and on bare hills as we work towards being instrumental in there being a better place for future Maasai generations to live. This effort will go hand in hand with providing education and training about the ongoing importance of conserving and adding to tree populations.

  • Assisting the teaching of English,

    maths and sports, etc.

    Though English is an international language and the second national language of Tanzania there are nonetheless very few Maasai that speak English. The majority of Maasai families do however recognize the importance of their children learning even a little English. In this Maasai community there is a great shortage of English speaking teachers. To fill this gap your own volunteer contribution in teaching English and other subjects such as maths and sport would be greatly valued and appreciated.


  • Assisting in establishing

    cultural tourism programmes

    There is a wealth of discovery to be explored throughout the Maasai community: the people, the history, the customs, traditional foodstuffs, etc. Nowadays most travellers are wish to visit a local community and to see and hear with their own eyes and ears something of its hidden treasures. It has been a formidable challenge for local people to prepare brochures and organize some tours by themselves. We welcome volunteers who can offer their creativity and guidance in helping towards such work and in leading small communities in generating an income which that can be used to improve the living standard of the local groups it is our wish to help.


  • Working with women’s groups

    Maasai women are not given much say by their husbands and yet it is the woman’s responsibility to build and maintain the house and to make sure that the family is eating, and so on. To deal with these challenges they nowadays form themselves into social and economic self-help groups. Some pioneering women are becoming involved with one of a number of small enterprises such as jewellery making and vegetable growing. Your voluntary contribution with this, such as by  helping them to learn about small loans and marketing their products, will serve to help the whole of the community as there is a widespread belief that in educating and helping one woman you touch many people’s lives.


  • Assisting with labour power  in

    community  development projects

    In the course of daily life different projects are now being introduced in order to improve life, both socially and economically. Projects such as schools, hospitals, churches, road repairing and water projects need considerable labour power. Volunteers are encouraged to spend some time in donating their own time and energy to these rural area projects. For those interested in working in the farms we arrange a local small scale farm worker to work with them.

accommodation in maasai land

Volunteers working in Maasai Land will stay in a local style mud hut, a typical Maasai abode. At the weekend any culture shock is ameliorated on return back to the relatively civilized world of Arusha,

where you can relax and spend your free time exploring the cafes, restaurants, craft stalls and local markets, etc.

The MERUCommunity

The Meru are Bantu tribe located on the foothills of Mount Meru, the second mountain in Tanzania and the fiftieth highest in all of Africa. The Meru tribe are predominantly farmers both cultivating crops and keeping livestock, in sharp  contrast to the methods of their neighbours, the Maasai. The Meru area is flanked by hills that support abundant banana and coffee plantations and many trees. The Meru are a very approachable and welcoming people. Typically, as you walk around the region you can expect to meet women carrying bananas on their heads while on their way  to market, but who are eager to exchange a greeting with a visitor to their lands. The Trust’s base is located in Tengeru Village about 12 km east of Arusha and 30 minutes west of Kilimanjaro airport.

  • Tree planting projects /

    Environmental Education

    Thanks to copious availability of water throughout the year we are running our own nursery at Tengeru. All the trees are raised from seedlings and once cultivated are transplanted to the area where they will best be used. Project volunteers will be working with us in sowing seeds, filling the polythene tubes, transplanting the trees; and in running different training courses about tree planting in schools, women’s and men’s groups. All our trees are distributed for free as we have a strong conviction that we should be doing everything within our means to make our environment a better place. The planting of greenery stands for the sustenance and enrichment life.

  • Working with orphans’ centres

    The orphaning of children in Tanzania is an acutely sad and prolific problem nowadays as many parents are losing their lives to different diseases, notably malaria, HIV / AIDS, typhoid, etc because of the myriad difficulties that engulf  a person’s life in a third world country. Most of the relatives of these orphans fail utterly to provide them with life’s daily needs. It is then that these helpless children lose hope, finding themselves in orphan centres, or turning to the street. In these circumstances many children feel neglected and isolated and believe that their future has in a sense been stolen from them. But Green Foundation believe that you and we can together play a valuable role in making them feel part of a family again. Working together we can help  to provide care and education to our beloved orphans. There are options to care for 1 month - 3 year old orphans, or to teach orphans from 4 years to 15 years of age. We warmly welcome you to this memorable and incomparable task!

  • Assisting the teaching of

    English language in schools

    Many rural schools lack English teachers altogether and the demand for native-English speaking teachers is extremely high. To fill this gap your voluntary contribution in teaching English in nursery and primary schools would be most valued and appreciated especially by the vast majority  of parents who realize that the acquisition of English language skills is amongst the most valuable tools their child will obtain towards their future success in their working lives. Teaching English is very challenging however our knowledgeable staff will provide you with suitable orientation and teaching materials.


  • HIV & AIDS programmes

    Tanzania is one of the worst affected countries in Southern Africa to experience the HIV / AIDS problem. In and around Arusha you could play a very great part in helping to fight the AIDS epidemic. Many people are suffering from HIV / AIDS and a growing number of young people are believed to be carrying the virus unknowingly. Help is desperately  needed in educating and counseling those caught up in the wake of the disease. You will be asked to help with any activity that may be required by the project. The main activities will revolve around counseling, education, home visitation, and report writing.  You may also be asked to help with fundraising and awareness campaigns.


  • Working with women’s groups

    Until now many women have been striving alone in the fight against poverty, with little or no support or guidance. In growing numbers however they are now organising themselves into different groups to help to improve the living standards of their families. Groups have been formed for business start up guidance, milk processing, pottery project, vegetable growing and several other enterprises. These women face many challenges: how to market their products, understanding micro-finance and loan application procedures, etc, etc. We welcome volunteers to work with these women’s groups in helping them to reach their goals.


  • Teaching handicapped children

    Walking distance from our base in Tengeru is a special primary school for handicapped children. Many disabled children from far and wide are brought to this centre. The handicapped children need provision of special care and education to equip them to master environment in naturally very trying circumstances. Volunteers are invited to cooperate with the local teacher to provide care and tuition to our beloved brothers and sisters who struggle with these hardships.


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